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Start Menu 8 Crack inserts the Windows “Start” menu into your desktop. Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is optimized for Miles. If you’re accustomed to having your panels open with the Windows 8 Metro start screen, IObit Start Menu Download 8 is a great alternative. IObit Start Menu Pro activation code. Users may operate more efficiently on the computer and the Windows 8 home desktop by skipping the metro and directly to the web page using this handy device that moves the start button and the starts menu of primary windows to the bottom. For Windows 8, this is the start menu replacement. Widow 10 Pro Crack

Start Menu 8 Crack + Full Version Free Download 2022

Start Menu 8 Crack is a program that enhances the appearance of the starting menu in Windows. In addition to personalizing the start menu, it also changes its settings, adding tabs, and so on. The ability to build a custom start menu is available as an option. Grouping programs for specialized purposes, such as image processing, office applications, etc., is possible with this tool. Installing Start Menu 8 is a snap, and it looks and feels very much like the Start menu in Windows 7. It has the same level of customization as the original. For example, you may change how the start button looks for Windows 8, XP, Windows 7, and so on. Windows 7 Professional Crack

Start Menu 8 Crack With License Key Download

Because it can completely modify its look and even replicate the Modern GUI, this defeats it. Windows 8’s hot corners and sidebar may be enabled or disabled, and items can be displayed or hidden. You may also look for files that have been hidden by using this search option. The general start menu of software can be obtained by using a Windows utility that has been cracked.

The program’s menu is now executing on your computer. Software and websites are advertised on the start menu, and users can arrange them as they see fit. It boosts your system’s performance so that you can quickly access any program, file, or application. To get back the Start button and menu in Windows 8, you’ll need the current version of the IObit Start Menu 8 Pro. After installing this software, a search menu will display that makes it easy to locate a program, file, or app. Contrary to other assets in the duplicate class, advertisements do not show constantly. Windows 10 Education Crack

Start Menu 8 Full Version is a tool for customizing the look of Windows 8 by modifying the button and menu visuals, installing objects, and erasing the impact of Windows 8. Because it is straightforward and energizing, the user interface is popular. When you right-click on a program in Windows Bypass, you may bypass the Start menu and get straight to the desktop without having to use the dragged-and-lowered start button method, which restores the Start menu. Windows 7 Enterprise Crack

What is Start Menu 8?

Start Menu 8 is a software application developed by IObit that serves as a Start Menu replacement for Windows 8 and later versions, including Windows 10. It is designed to provide users with a familiar and efficient Start Menu interface similar to the one found in Windows 7 and earlier.

Classic Start Menu Layout

Start Menu 8 restores the traditional Start Menu layout that Windows users have come to love. It features a two-column design, with user-pinnable apps on the left and frequently used programs on the right, making navigation a breeze. You can effortlessly, reliably, and quickly switch between metro and laptop environments and access applications and files. Pressing the Start button brings up the start menu in Start Menu 8 Crack.

Search Functionality

The software includes a powerful search function that allows users to quickly find applications, documents, and settings. With Start Menu 8, you can easily access your desired files or launch apps without hassle.

Customization Options

Personalization is essential, and Start Menu 8 offers various customization options. Users can tailor the Start Menu’s appearance, including choosing from different styles, colors, and icon sizes, to match their preferences.

Start Menu 8 Features:

  • It allows you to customize your start menu by allowing you to choose from a variety of themes and fonts.
  • Access to the programs and applications is made simple by a user-friendly interface.
  • Because of the new menu design in Windows 8 and 10, this can only be used on these operating systems.
  • Your start menu may be customized with a variety of fonts and styles, including the user-friendly Windows 7 look.
  • Faster access to any program or application is made possible thanks to the built-in search feature.
  • It is possible to configure your taskbar and start the menu to suit your preferences.
  • You may create folders for the apps you use the most and add them to the list.
  • Windows 8 and Windows 10 newbies are advised to utilize this.
  • Use this powerful program from professionals and you’ll get the greatest experience possible.
  • Using this great program is a breeze because of the application’s extensive features, which make it easy to use.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to discover the applications they need and to have a pleasant working experience.
  • It is extremely beneficial to both professional and non-professional users.

More Features

  • An excellent application, IObit Start Menu Pro, lets you customize the look of the start menu.
  • Users of Windows 8 and 10 may customize their start menu’s look and feel with this app.
  • Everything is different in Windows 8 and 10 compared to the previous version of Windows, which is advanced.
  • Latest however many clients are not familiar with this start menu and Windows color scheme.
  • They like the old-style start menu and want to change the theme.
  • This application allows users to customize the start menu to meet their specific needs by allowing them to alter the themes and colors of this menu.

Start Menu 8 Crack + Full Version Free Download 2022

What’s New?

  • Improved the font color and size by adding Font Configurations.
  • It was possible to use the Bar to search for paths and websites.
  • The functionality was added to the list of recently installed applications.
  • Drag and drop sorting of items in the Start menu was recognized as a possible method.
  • The Start button might be scaled up or down.
  • The expanded user interface for simpler comprehension.


  • Replace the missing Start menu in Windows 8 convincingly.
  • Free


  • Installs commercial applications on your computer.

System Requirements:

  • A 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit), or Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • More than one megahertz
  • 32-bit: 2 GB, 64-bit: 4 GB of memory
  • 4.0 GB of free space on the hard drive
  • Display resolution of 1360 x 768 with True Color


There are no extra annoyances or ticks that prevent users from finding their files and apps. However, the Windows key will be provided to stimulate the IObit Start Menu 10 Pro License Key, even though it is present. Consumers love the program because it’s easy to use and makes them feel relaxed. Access programs and documents on both a metro and a desktop computer with ease, quickly, successfully, and quickly. To access the start menu, simply click on the Start key on your keyboard.

How To Install/Crack?

  • To begin, click the following link to obtain the IObit Start Menu Crack.
  • Run the installation file after extracting the file.
  • Re-install the apps in the same way you did before.
  • Then, remove the crack file from the download directory.
  • Run Start Menu 8 Crack as administrator once it has been installed.
  • IObit playlist serial keys may be used to manually activate the IObit 8 software as well.
  • That’s all there is to say about it. Take pleasure in the most recent iteration.

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